"Everything is OK in Moderation...” ~ You will probably have heard many people mention this phrase at some point during your life? It’s a relatively positive & healthy outlook to have... after all, the world is full of temptations which are often difficult for even the most strong willed of people to resist. However, you will no doubt agree that for the most part, no real harm is done when you choose to occasionally reward yourself by indulging in one or two of life’s simple pleasures? Unfortunately for some, those occasional indulgences can swiftly develop into frequent regular habits & daily dependencies, which eventually culminate into full-blown life-crippling addictions within an alarmingly short period of time!

The fundamental cause of most addictive behaviours is rooted in a need to either mask or escape particular feelings or emotions, which can sometimes even stem back to unpleasant negative childhood experiences, which continue to haunt people into adult life. Anxiety & Stress are also regularly attributed to the majority of people who attempt to seek solace behind self-harming addictions.

It’s a common theme when going through life that we both consciously & unconsciously try to “fit in” by adopting the social conditioning, thoughts & perspectives of our close family & friends. Life can be extremely challenging even for the best of us, and we naturally turn to those closest to us to see how they cope with similar issues in their lives. Despite the well-publicized negative mental & physical health risks associated with certain more “socially acceptable” addictions we are actively encouraged to adopt these unhealthy habits based on learning from others personal experience. Sometimes what we (and others) think & believe won't do us any harm, is actually a false positive & can work completely against us.

Taking a broader & more personally truthful perspective... have you perhaps convinced yourself (or more to the point, has everyone else that’s a part of your life convinced you with their words which you now repeatedly think & say to yourself daily) that self-medicating with addictive behaviour is the best or only option available to you?

Taking this thought process further... perhaps you’ve had a stressful morning at work & you find yourself telling colleagues that you’re quite literally “dying for a cigarette” before the first tea break? On occasion, your entire morning at work could have been particularly tough, and you decide to have an additional glass or two of wine with lunch in the afternoon in order to “help you face the rest of the day”? When the work day is finally over, you could also begin to regularly indulge in unhealthy amounts of comfort food, alcohol or recreational drugs to “help you unwind”? Maybe the stresses & strains of daily work life is too strong for even smoking or alcohol to mask, and you may also be taking daily prescription medication just to exist from one day to the next?

In today’s fast-paced world, technology is also proving to be addictively problematic. There is a growing rise in the number of people who find it almost impossible to break away from their habit of checking social media on their smart phones or home computers at all times of day or night, and have quickly fallen into a repetitive time-warp of constantly refreshing & posting on Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram, etc. losing hours and days of their life at a time. Computer & Console Gaming can also be equally as addictive. Again, everything is OK in moderation, and as long as you manage to complete all important life necessities first, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t indulge in these things in your spare time, but for many it can quickly become an all-consuming addictive pattern to the point they constantly stay up late at night, disrupting their sleep patterns, causing negative effects on their daily life, with being over-tired, lack of concentration, irritability & in some cases anger issues.

There are also some impulsive / compulsive disorders which can often be associated with addictive behaviour such as, Gambling, Shopping, Sex, Work, Exercise... and at the extreme end would be, Seeking Pain (self-harm), Kleptomania (stealing), Pyromania (setting fire to things), Random Unprovoked Outbursts of Anger, Rage or Violence. All of these have the potential to be taken to excess, become addictive patterns in your life & leave you feeling mentally, physically, emotionally & financially despondent.   

Do you find some of these scenarios are becoming an all too familiar routine? Are you often resentful of just how much precious time you waste & money you sacrifice in order to maintain these addictive vices? Most importantly, are you sick & tired of feeling sick & tired because your habits are wearing you down to feel desperate, frustrated & lost?

If indulging in your particular choice of temporary emotion pacifiers are increasing to the point you continually feel, shame... regret... remorse... self-loathing... disgust... depressed... and have taken to hiding your addictive behaviour from loved ones in order to avoid their loving concern & criticism, it is a fairly accurate indication that you’re most likely slipping into, or are already within the grips of an addiction.

Many people associate the concept of “reaching rock bottom” with the exact point they finally reach out or accept help to beat their addictions, but the reality is you can & should reach out for help at any stage, especially before the possibility of an addictive behaviour begins to take over your life.

If you have finally arrived at the honest realization that now is the time you need to seek help... you are welcome to get in touch now by clicking the button below and taking the vital first step back towards your freedom.