Rapid heartbeat... racing pulse... shortness of breath... tightness of the chest... uncontrollable shaking... sudden dizzy spells or feelings of nausea... fear of losing control. Does all of this sound familiar to you? These symptoms (often combined) are primarily associated with people who regularly experience anxiety & stress related panic attacks.

Perhaps you experience some of the above symptoms at the thought of having to go outside your comfort zone & be present in certain social situations? Or there could be particular fears or phobias (in some cases considered extreme) which deep down you know are irrational & are having a severe negative impact on the overall quality of your life? Maybe you find yourself over-thinking everything to the point you regularly work yourself into an agitated state of irritability? Anxiety & Stress, are often described as being the main catalyst behind all these debilitating symptoms.

The reality is that you were not born suffering from acute anxiety & stress related disorders. In fact you may be surprised to hear that most, if not all of these symptoms are learned behaviours & that these unpleasant feelings are the result of your brain actually trying to keep you safe & protect you from harm. It doesn’t feel like that at the time though, does it? It feels pretty awful... and each time it happens, every second can feel like an hour, or worst case scenario, even a day!

There is no plausible reason why you should resign yourself to remain at the mercy of completely unnecessary & unwanted feelings, unexpectedly intruding into your daily life at the most inappropriate times. It’s important to realize that what has been learned over many years can ultimately be unlearned in a matter of minutes. Whatever patterns of behaviour you may have become trapped within, you can escape them surprisingly faster than you ever dreamed possible!

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