On the day we are born, we are instantly thrust into a world of bewilderment. Each passing day becomes a fresh learning experience as our 5 senses (hearing, sight, touch, smell & taste) are overwhelmed with stimulus which constantly changes. As we evolve, we naturally begin to understand & adapt to different people, situations & environments. We form our own personalities in accordance with our life experiences, and manage to find a natural equilibrium with our surroundings based on what we have learned. A significant part of our learning experience is navigating the complex world of our own emotions & the emotions of others. It is often stated that approximately the first 6 or 7 years of a person's life is the most important, as it is within this timescale that our minds are most open to learning and developing our own personal boundaries, which determine whether external events have either a negative or a positive impact on us. The older we become, the more we tend to reflect back to our own personal timeline of events, some of which are full of wonderfully happy memories, and some which are thoroughly miserable & traumatic.

Although the entire human race functions on the basic universal principle of survival, and we find ways to adapt to our immediate surroundings & the ethics of the community we live in, not everyone abides by those exact same principles. As a result we often find ourselves confronted with the opinions & life choices of others which challenge our own. Each interaction we have with another person or situation can leave us feeling one of a multitude of emotions within the broad spectrum of either being blissfully elated, all the way through to feeling depressed & miserable.

Some people are fortunate in that they have a naturally positive disposition and they never seem to dwell on past negative events of their life for any length of time, and they're able to quickly reset their mind to a more optimistic outlook. However, there is a worryingly significant amount of people who have experienced incredibly traumatic situations in their childhood (and even in recent adult life) which has severely affected their current mental, emotional and (in some extreme cases) physical health.

Have you ever found yourself frequently remembering extremely upsetting, unsettling & traumatic memories from your childhood, like a horror movie playing on repeat? Perhaps you were persistently bullied or made fun of at school? Maybe the source of your misery is closer to home and you perhaps grew up in an abusive environment where your siblings, parents or guardians were constantly creating situations which made you fear & dread every day? Were you maybe deeply invested in a relationship which eventually turned sour & you are now haunted by regretful memories of how crazy you were to put up with a lot of situations you would never tolerate under a million years if you were in your right mind? Or do you perhaps have serious regrets about how you may have treated someone at any point during your life? Is it maybe the memory of a favourite pet or a deeply cherished loved one passing away which weighs heavily on your mind?

The reason why repeated negative thoughts are still affecting you today is  because the repetition of those negative thoughts & associated feelings have quite literally imprinted into your subconscious. Each time your mind cycles through a particular thought pattern (positive or negative), even although they may be distant memories, your body automatically reacts by resurrecting & intensifying the exact same feelings you experienced back then, to make you feel like you are currently living through them in real time in the present day. The problem is that when you repeatedly resurrect negative feelings it is most likely the reason why you may still be feeling trapped, anxious & fearful of certain situations well into your adult life, and in turn persistently sabotaging your current & potential future happiness.

How would you like to be able to remember specific past emotionally distressing & hurtful situations in your life, but have none of the negative traumatic feelings which used to accompany them? Can you imagine how much lighter your mind, body & soul will feel to finally be free of those heavy burdens you've been carrying around in your head for way too long? Do you think you can handle the freedom & potentially unlimited confidence you will have when you look back at those troubling times & now only see the learning experiences which helped you grow into who you are now? Do you think you will find it far less traumatic to hear your thought processes naturally begin to adapt to a fresh new, positive healthy outlook where you can easily unlock your fullest potential towards the future you truly deserve & were born to live?

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