Q: How Many Appointments Will I Need?

A: I should first clarify that at the present time I do not offer a set coaching course as such, as I much prefer the benefits of concentrating on personalised individual one-to-one flexible coaching rather than a "one size maybe doesn't quite fit all" pre-scripted style. My reason for this is because everyone is individual and has uniquely different reasons & motivations as to why they require coaching / healing sessions. Some may find or obtain the results they need in a single appointment, some reach there in 2 or 3. However, if you personally feel like you would benefit from signing up for a set block of 10 or maybe 12 appointments, I'd be more than happy to work that out for you at your request, as it's all about what comfortably works best for you. As your coach, I am ultimately guided by your decision, but I strive to help each individual client achieve the results they need in as few appointments as possible.

If you are unsure about how many appointments to book, I would recommend you contact me to arrange a brief (free of charge) online consultation. This will give us both the opportunity to clarify what your main objectives & expectations are, and I will be able to honestly advise whether I can help you focus & achieve your particular desired outcomes, and give further advice on how many appointments you may need. It will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions to ensure you feel completely comfortable & confident that my coaching & healing methods are perfect for your own personal needs & requirements. Making sure my clients are comfortable & confident in my ability to help them before they choose to make any personal & financial commitment is really important to me.

Q: How Long Does Each Coaching Appointment Last?

A: The standard timescale for a coaching or healing appointment fully depends on your individual requirements, but each appointment is normally 1 hour in length. 

Q: How Do "Online Appointments" Work?

A: If you have either a Desktop or Laptop PC / Tablet or Mobile Smart Phone, you have the option of booking online appointment(s) to comfortably accommodate your own unique schedule from anywhere in the world. Appointments can currently be arranged through the familiar & secure communication platforms, Skype, Zoom or Google Meet. These completely free programs & app's can be quickly & easily downloaded & installed onto your computer or mobile smart device. Upon confirmation & successful pre-payment of your appointment(s), I will forward you a link (email or text) which will allow you exclusive access to a private & secure online meeting room at the specified time of your appointment(s). Click on any of the logo's below to visit the associated websites for more information:-

If you choose an online appointment, it is important that you have the latest (fully updated) version of either Skype, Zoom or Google Meet installed onto your device beforehand to avoid unnecessary complications. Please also bear in mind that your appointment may involve hypnotherapy, so a quiet environment which is temporarily free of boisterous children & pets will ensure your appointment goes smoothly & you benefit from the best results possible.

Q: How Much Do You Charge Per 1 Hour Appointment?

A: This differs depending on whether you book an In-Person or an Online Appointment, and whether the appointment is primarily Coaching based (Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Kinetic Shift, OldPain2Go®), or if it is primarily Healing based (Seichim / SKHM or Usui Reiki). Pricing is typically as follows:-

In-Person Coaching = £105 per hour / Online = £95 per hour

In-Person Healing = £40 per hour / Online = £30 per hour

If you wish to make a block booking for a series of 10 or more appointments, please contact me for further advice on whether this option would truly be beneficial for you based on your individual needs, as you may need less appointments than you think!

International clients. Please visit:- https://www.xe.com/ for the latest exchange rates to convert your own currency into GBP (British Pound Sterling). 

Q: Why The Difference In Prices?

A: In-Person appointments (Local Glasgow Clients Only), involve additional economic rates, overheads & personal travel expenses. Some people prefer to have In-Person sessions and are willing to cover the small additional expense to have their appointment(s) in a comfortable clinic environment. Many others prefer the flexibility & convenience of arranging their appointments online at home, or in a place they personally find most comfortable to them. All clients receive the exact same quality of care regardless of their personal preference.

Q: I Can Get Appointments Cheaper Elsewhere... Why So Expensive?

Appointments are competitively priced in line with my current coaching peers, and by way of comparison, if you were to approach one of my highly skilled mentors who personally trained me to arrange an appointment with one of them, you should be prepared to add an extra zero onto the end of your appointment costs! Sure, other coaching practices may charge slightly less for their appointments, in which case you are more than welcome to find someone closer to your budget. However, should you find that those don't really work out for you the way you hoped & planned, and you still feel like you are seriously & desperately struggling to finally achieve the results you need, please feel free to get in touch. 

Q: What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

A: In today's digital age it is now easier than ever to send any currency to anyone from anywhere around the world, either through online banking, or by using a banking app on mobile smart devices. Upon agreement of your appointment(s), I will either message you an invoice or my business bank account details (including IBAN Code for international clients) for you to simply arrange a secure balance transfer from your own preferred financial institution. If you opt for pre-booking a large number of appointments and would prefer to split the overall cost into more manageable installments, please feel free to request this at the time of booking and we can easily work this out.

Q: Do You Give Refunds If I Can't Attend The Original Appointment I Booked?

A: Sorry. There is a zero refund policy. If you are truly serious about making significant changes to your life, this should not be an issue. I completely understand that life gets in the way of life sometimes, in which case I am more than happy to arrange an alternative appointment for you should you not manage to attend the one previously scheduled. I only request the common courtesy of most businesses, in that if you have pre-warning that you may not be able to attend your appointment(s), please contact me to reschedule, a.s.a.p.   

Q: Where Would I Go For An In-Person Appointment?

A: Please note that Inner Reflections Coaching does not currently operate from a fixed premises on a full-time basis. In-Person clinic appointments are exclusively available through pre-booking only, and are currently held at the following location:-