There are literally countless Fears & Phobias which afflict the human condition. It would be a completely futile task to even attempt to list them all, as each person has specific things that trigger them which are completely unique to them alone. The majority of Fears & Phobias usually fall into one of the following categories...

External Situations (Open or Enclosed Spaces ~ Social Interaction or Public Speaking ~ Heights or Falling ~ Driving & Flying or using Public Transport)

Living Creatures (Spiders & Insects ~ Birds ~ Cats & Dogs ~ Reptiles ~ Rodents ~ Fish & Sealife)

Environmental (Thunder & Lightning ~ Water & Rain ~ Trees & Plants ~ Specific Colours, Textures, Objects or Patterns, like Sand & Earth, Honeycomb or Sponges)

Medical (Surgical Operations ~ Dentist ~ Needles ~ Sight of Blood ~ Swallowing Medication)

 Perhaps just looking at these pictures or even the mere mention of any of these things sent a shiver down your spine? Knowing that if you were confronted with that actual fear / phobia trigger right now, it would send you into a complete panic driven brain freeze... heart beating like a freight train... maybe you would even feel faint or nauseous... notice your body start shaking uncontrollably... cold sweats... you may even possibly start to cry from the shock?

Fears & Phobias are no laughing matter if you suffer from them. The psychological effects can create truly devastating restrictions on how you navigate your way through life. Your family & friends maybe regularly invite you somewhere fun or exciting, yet despite your deep inner longing to join them, it’s with a heavy heart you often say, “I can’t...”, because you simply must avoid coming into contact with whatever Fear or Phobia you have at all costs.

At this point I’d like you to imagine yourself back to when you were just a tiny baby. Do you think that you had this particular Fear of Phobia back then? My guess is that the vast majority of you would say, “No”. It’s important that you recognize there was a point in your life where you were completely unafraid of what causes you fear today. This is because you nurtured your fear or phobia throughout your life until it actually became your life. As crazy as it may sound, fears & phobias are learned behaviour patterns... however that which is learned can always be completely, quickly & easily unlearned!

If you are at your wits end with anxiety & stress over your particular fear or phobia... where enough is most definitely enough... and if you’ve finally reached that point where you desire that freedom (you completely deserve) to be able to actually join in fully with the abundant life your family and friends both have & wish for you without constantly feeling nervously on edge... just click on the button below & get in touch to make those life changes & never look back!