Have you ever gone to bed in the hope that when your head hits the pillow you will delicately drift off into a luxuriously comfortable & restorative sleep, only for your mind to keep you up chattering complete nonsense all night, before it finally lets you fall into a deep slumber about 15 minutes before your alarm clock goes off?

Maybe you find the urge to take naps throughout the day irresistible, which results in you not being able to fall asleep when you go to bed at night? Perhaps those daytime naps are not completely voluntary and you have no warning that you are even falling asleep, until that shock feeling you get when you suddenly reawaken, minutes... sometimes even hours later?

If you find yourself constantly having a cloudy head throughout the day & you’re unable to concentrate on important tasks, causing you to constantly make errors of judgment & mistakes, it can escalate into a perpetual cycle of extreme irritability, frustration, anxiety & stress.

There are many possible reasons why you may be frequently experiencing sleep issues, but it usually falls within 2 separate groups... medical or emotional. Perhaps for health reasons you are required to take medication which creates a feeling of being over-stimulated, or there may be specific life events which are causing you to feel over anxious to the point it keeps you up at night, which stops you from easily maintaining a regular healthy sleep pattern.

 Insomnia can literally be both a daymare & a nightmare, when day begins to eclipse into night & vice versa. If your natural circadian rhythm (sleep cycle) is knocked out of place on a regular basis, it can be extremely difficult to rebalance your life back into a normal routine, which in turn has the potential to seriously disrupt the overall quality of your life.

Whatever the source of your sleep issues actually is, it is important to know that help is available. Through coaching & hypnotherapy blended with some simple relaxation techniques, you will be surprised at just how quickly easily & effortlessly you regain control of your life, by effectively resetting your circadian rhythm, and return to a peaceful pattern of sleeping like a baby when you need to.

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