I’m sure at some point during your life there’s a strong possibility you will have experienced the unwelcome jack-hammer sound of your alarm clock ceremoniously summoning your resurrection back to reality? You may also be familiar with those occasional days where it seems like no amount of caffeine or prospective hourly salary can make you feel particularly enthralled at the prospect of facing yet another day of your usual routine?

I’ve experienced many mornings like this, and for a while it had started to become a worryingly over-distracting habit which was proving extremely difficult to break. As you can imagine, this is not a particularly healthy mindset to nurture for any length of time, so it prompted me to make a concerted effort towards finding a positive way to combat this issue.

Whilst mostly everyone can enjoy listening to some form of music, it tends to appeal to individuals in varying degrees. Some people pay more attention to the lyrics… some focus more on the music… some enjoy digging deep into both equally… and others prefer to treat it more like muzak, where it’s merely a background noise which they don’t really invest in too much. Either way, we all have our own preferred styles of music & particular bands we favour.

Although music has the propensity to reflect a broad spectrum of emotions ranging from transcendental straight through to rage, even if you are only a casual listener there will be some songs you are familiar with which affect you the strongest. It shouldn’t take any great stretch of imagination to realize that what we purposefully choose to feed our minds with has the ability to influence our emotional state & wellbeing. With this in mind, something which helped me feel considerably more positive minded on negative mornings may help you also.

When you’ve finished reading this, I would encourage you to either grab a notepad & pen, or crack open a new Word Document on your PC. Take some time to think about specific songs or pieces of music which really resonate strongly with you. Bear in mind that although sad & melancholy songs may hit you emotionally, these are not the ones you should be thinking about. You’re looking for your own personal Rocky Balboa: Eye Of The Tiger type anthems… the songs which are uplifting, have a positive vibe in both lyrics & melody… the ones which charge your blood with adrenaline & make the hair on your arms stand on end!

Compile a special playlist of as many of those songs as you can to alternate (at least a dozen) & add them to your MP3 Player, Mobile Phone or your preferred Streaming Service (Spotify, etc.). On any mornings where you could use a bit of added motivation, put on your headphones & listen to those songs (or play them in your car) on your way to your daily destination and it will help set your mind on the right path to face the day more positively.

If like me, you use your mobile phone as your alarm clock, you can also edit the chorus of your favourite song into a ringtone & set it as your alarm to kickstart your day the right way. As an example, being a fan of Rock / Metal Music, I personally use the chorus of AC/DC:- For Those About To Rock, to greet me in the morning, or sometimes it’s the opening riff to their song, Back In Black… on other occasions I use Sixx AM:- Rise. It doesn’t really matter what song it is, as long as it makes you feel inspired, it’s all good!

Give it a try for a few weeks and notice how much it improves your daily outlook!

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All My Best!

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