Pain is an all too frequent affliction which no living being seems able to completely avoid for the duration of our lifespan. The majority of those who experience occasional pain are fortunate in that when they perhaps have a migraine headache, suffer the occasional bruise, cut, sprain, or at the more extreme end, fractured or broken bones or are recovering from a minor operation... with patience, a little self care & some GP prescribed or over the counter painkiller medication, they can fully recover and get on with their lives like nothing ever happened. Others however, are not so lucky... and for one reason or another suffer from relentless pain 24 hours a day, which never seems to go away & requires persistent ever changing combinations of medication just to take the edge off that daily discomfort. Most of the time there is a legitimate medical reason for the main cause of the pain, but for others not even a medical specialist channeling their inner Lieutenant Columbo could track down the actual source of the pain. 

It's important to acknowledge that pain is not only signalled through physical discomfort, but can also manifest via mental discomfort. Emotional pain & trauma, whilst often overlooked, can be a surprisingly significant catalyst behind the manifestation of physical pain symptoms. It's not too much a stretch of imagination to be familiar with the stresses of daily life being a common recognised cause of regular headaches for many. Muscle tension, chest pains & abdominal issues are also often associated with stress, which can escalate into an unhelpful cycle of constant fatigue, sleep issues, irritability, restlessness, anxiety & depression. In many cases where there is no confirmed medical explaination for the pain, it can often be attributed to unresolved emotional trauma, which can even stem back to issues from childhood.  

Persistent pain & juggling medication on a daily basis can have a huge impact on mental health and leave the person suffering the pain in a pretty dark place emotionally. Many people are often completely unaware of the extent of just how much pain their family or friends are actually experiencing, as the person suffering quickly learns to develop the habit of internalizing their pain by putting on a brave face, leading those around them to believe it can't be too bad... however nothing could be further from the truth. The deepest scars are often never openly visible.  

If you are currently inundated with multiple medications to help you combat your physical pain symptoms, and they are overwhelming you with negative side-effects to the stage it's beginning to affect your mental health, leaving you feeling trapped & like there's no escape in sight... please know that alternative help is available.

Regardless of whether your pain has been confirmed by a specialist as a known medical condition, or whether there is no definite explanation available, it is possible to vastly reduce (and in some cases completely remove) long term pain signals from the body... leaving you feeling healthier & less dependant on medicine.

If you are interested in finding out how to finally dominate your pain, rather than constantly be at its mercy & take back the freedom & quality of life you feel you are entitled to, you can do so now by simply clicking the button below.