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John Ramsay is a progressive empathic intuitive life coach based in Glasgow, Scotland & is currently in the process of building a worldwide reputation for helping clients achieve results fast. He assists local clients from all walks of life, by appointment at a quiet, comfortable & relaxing clinic space situated within the heart of Glasgow City Centre. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, he is also in the position to help both local & international clients on a daily basis from the comfort of their own home via Skype, Zoom & Google Meet.

After several years of existing in an increasingly challenging unfulfilled life which was persistently triggering the relentless & sometimes outright torturous question, "There must be something more to life than this?!?!”

Life... thankfully answered!

John began his life-changing journey in 2013, when out of curiosity he attended an event based on the subject of NLP (Neuro~Linguistic Programming) presented by Ali Campbell, who is Scotland’s most prominent & successful international life coach. After observing Ali’s on stage demonstrations with a few random attendees, and witnessing firsthand how painlessly swift that massive positive life changes can actually be made, it inspired John to investigate the validity & merits of this subject further.

Between late 2015 & 2016, John attended a few specialized training courses, personally presented by Ali Campbell, to study & practice his unique life coaching skills up close within a small classroom environment. During this time he earned Practitioner Certificates in NLP (Neuro~Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, and Life Coaching. Shortly after completing these courses, John was extremely elated when Ali accepted him as an apprentice, enabling him access to continue studying Ali’s extensive life coaching methods at a far deeper & more advanced level.

At the beginning of 2017, in order to expand his skills further to help his clients more comprehensively, John developed an interest in the health & wellbeing potentials of energy healing. He studied Usui Reiki with Mary Trivasse at Hollygroves Holistics, Glasgow & earned his Practitioner Certificate in March 2017. Shortly afterwards in May 2017, Patrick Zeigler (founder of SKHM / Sekhem Egyptian Energy Healing), made an exclusive rare appearance at Tir-Na-Nog Holistic Centre in Balfunning, Scotland. John attended this event & received a direct personal attunement to this uniquely powerful healing energy from Patrick himself, before continuing his study with Oona McFarlane (Seichim Master Teacher) at Tir-Na-Nog, and earning his Seichim Practitioner Certificate in December 2017.

Progressing into 2018, John continued to explore further sources to expand his knowledge of alternative Hypnotherapy techniques, and in June 2018 he travelled to Peterborough, England for 5 days intensive training with Dr. David Snyder of the San Diego Hypnosis Institute... earning his 2nd Hypnotist Practitioner Certificate effective 24th June 2018.

John then moved further ahead by studying courses ran by the well established & respected UK Hypnosis Academy. He earned a Practitioner Certificate in Karl Smith’s revolutionary Kinetic Shift Technique in January 2019, after attending & completing a course which was expertly delivered by Laura Evans from Unleash Your Potential. He then separately earned a further Practitioner Certificate in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in May 2020, directly from the UK Hypnosis Academy.

Most recently, John has recognized an increasing number of clients are specifically requesting help to remove both long & short term unwanted physical pain from their daily lives. After extensive research for a more specialized, direct & effective way of coaching clients to achieve this, his attention was brought to a remarkably successful methodology created by Steven Blake, called OldPain2Go®.

John attended a live online training event personally instructed by Steven Blake to learn this fascinatingly powerful methodology in September 2020, and upon completion of the course is now extremely happy to have been welcomed into the rapidly expanding OldPain2Go® family of practitioners, who successfully assist clients to reclaim their lives, free of old aches & pains which have long since exceeded their suffer by date.

When not assisting clients, John passionately devotes his time towards learning additional & alternative cutting edge coaching & healing skills from the leading practitioners in the field, in order to continually build as wide a range of techniques & resources as possible to best enable him to help his clients overcome any obstacles they may face in life.

To find out how John can help you break those chains to live your best life, you can do so by now clicking the button below & simply provide your contact details, and he will respond to you, a.s.a.p.