If you feel like you are in some way lacking in confidence and you are looking around to the actions of family, friends or even observing the behaviour of strangers and thinking to yourself, “I wish I was that bold & confident to be able to do something like that...” ~ It’s worth taking note that even those people who appear confident in one way, often have crippling self-doubt & lack confidence in some other aspects of their life. You may try to convince yourself to think that’s not possible, because you’re only focusing on the other person’s strengths which reflect your desires, however, there’s a better than average chance that person would look at you and be equally impressed with the confidence in which you handle situations they find extremely difficult. In this respect, confidence or a lack thereof, is completely subjective.

As you progress through life, you are constantly exposed to the thoughts, words and both positive & negative behaviours of family, friends & in some cases total strangers. You will have spent your formative years growing & learning how to behave as an individual, by mimicking the words & behaviour patterns of those closest to you. As a result, every person has been raised with a different set of ideals, ethics, values & dynamics which continually shape their life, and consequentially influence their own personal thoughts, feelings & behaviours.

It’s no wonder that when you have all of these experiences bombarding your brain on a daily basis, second by second, that your mind can be put under severe stress & strain when trying to decipher whether the information you’re receiving is good, bad or indifferent in accordance with your own moral compass. When you are confronted with specific situations in your life, your mind automatically refers to your lifetime of responses to the external stimuli you have experienced, and it makes you either feel comfortable, relaxed & adaptable to the outcome, or it can make you apprehensive, cautious & fearful of the outcome.

"Break out of your comfort zone... face your fears & your fears disappear!”

This is a powerful statement of encouragement, but you’re no doubt thinking, “Yeah, but it’s not as easy as that... I’m afraid to face my fears... why on earth should I willingly make myself feel uncomfortable?” ~ This is perfectly understandable, and it’s a natural thought process to have, as you automatically associate your fears with a lack of self confidence & vice versa. However there is an element of truth to the concept of recognizing how your body reacts when you are in different situations.

If you have an initial gut reaction of fear which is more often than not signified by a spike in your adrenaline, racing pulse, heart palpitations, you may find that your mind instantly responds by telling you to avoid that particular experience in order to avoid the associated feelings of physical discomfort. Some people are content to remain unhappy & unfulfilled by living in a perpetual state of denial, and choose to constantly avoid those specific situations which make them feel uncomfortable, but many others find it infinitely more beneficial to work on erasing these specific situational triggers, to permanently remove those constant stumbling blocks or closed pathways from their life.

It’s not really self-confidence that you need... it’s the ability to reprogram your mind & body to instantly feel calm, relaxed & at ease no matter what situations you find yourself in.

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