“I’m way too heavy & fat...”

“I know I shouldn’t really, but I’ll just have a couple more...”

“I’m way too skinny...”

 “I’ll just finish the rest of the packet & that will be them gone...”

“I look so horrible, ugly & disgusting...”

“Does anybody mind if I have this last one?”

“I hate myself so much...”

“Why do I always give in to temptation?”

“Are you going to finish that? I’ll have it if you don’t want it!”

“Look at the size of me!!! What must people think?”

“I might as well see out the rest of the week & start again on Monday...”

Have you heard yourself thinking & saying one or more of these phrases during your life? If you are already a healthy weight in accordance with standard medical guidelines, the above common phrases should theoretically have little to no relevance in your life. However, no matter what weight you are, it may be long overdue that you pay far more attention to the words you tell yourself & just how often!

Weight issues are something which you may find yourself struggling with at sometime during your life. Whether it’s vital that you lose (or in some instances gain) weight for medical health reasons, or that you simply desire the perfect body to be ready in time for your long awaited vacation or a particular event, it can be exceptionally difficult to strictly control your own willpower to achieve your ideal results & eventual desired outcome. It’s so difficult to resist the temptation, as throughout our lives we tend to mentally construct & attach our own definition of what specific food groups represent to us.

“Why is it always the food I love that’s bad for me and the food that doesn’t really appeal to me is healthier for me?”

If only there was a way to make the healthiest food taste just as good as the food which naturally appeals to us most, it would solve a lot of problems... but then everything would taste amazing and there would be no dynamics in any of the food we eat. If everything tasted great, it would probably encourage us to eat way more in quantity & eventually that habit would become just as unhealthy as the habit of starving or binge eating is for us. So we’re back to square one... Willpower!

No matter how hard you try to convince yourself “I’ve got this... I can do this!”, there’s always that little devil of temptation whispering in your ear when you least expect it, encouraging you to trip up – again! - over that all too familiar transparently thin line which sends you helplessly spiralling back down into the old routines of either starving or gorging yourself into complete misery & unhappiness.

Everybody can use a little help & guidance now and then to stay focused on our goals. If you find yourself absolutely frustrated with persistently losing the willpower to keep yourself on the straight & narrow, contact me now by clicking the button below, and bravely take those steps forward towards naturally, swiftly & painlessly developing a fresh new perspective, where you are always the one in complete control!