When people find out that part of my occupation involves hypnotherapy, “Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?” & “Does It Actually Work?” are the two questions I get asked most frequently.

Imagine yourself taking a window seat on a bus either on your way to work, or to simply take a trip into town. Your natural instinct is to look out the window, and when the bus begins to move away from the stop, your eyes quickly begin adjusting to the steady constant change of familiar scenery en-route to your destination. Your mind is quite alert at the start of the journey, but as you progress, the movement of the bus quickly becomes soothing & your eyes begin to trust the predictability of what you always see during the exact same trip. It doesn’t take long before you relax your concentration & your mind then starts to wander into internal thoughts. All of a sudden you panic, leap off your seat, hit the button to alert the driver you want off the bus, whilst cursing yourself for missing your stop!

The reason why this happened is because you fell into a light trance, which is basically a gentle hypnotic state. You probably don’t even remember most of the journey, including the strategically placed advertisement posters your mind subconsciously registered at each bus stop shelter along the way? Advertising companies know all about the power of subliminal hypnosis, and they take full advantage of entranced commuters… quite sneaky when you think about it?

If you recall your early childhood and the several Guy Fawkes Night’s you experienced, you would no doubt have accompanied your parents (or guardians) and friends, in standing outside on a dark freezing cold November 5th, enjoying the fireworks? There will have been a point in the evening where all the colourful explosions will have ended, and everyone would automatically begin to make their way towards the nearest bonfire… drawn in like moths to a flame. Now imagine those orange yellow bonfire flames leaping & dancing freely in the air. There will have been a point where no matter who was chatting loudly beside you or what other distractions were around… you will probably have become mesmerized by the flames… even to the stage where everyone’s voices became distant, and although it was likely cold enough to see your breath coil out your mouth like puffs of smoke, and you weren’t standing close enough to the bonfire to feel the heat from the flames, you will have forgotten all about the freezing cold! This goes a long way towards confirming the power of the mind.

There is a common yet significantly large misconception which needs cleared up though, as many people still seem to be easily confused between the concept of “Stage” Hypnosis & Hypno “Therapy”, which makes them apprehensive of even trying Hypnotherapy as a way to help improve, heal & shift their lives in a positive direction. They are both completely worlds apart, but the biggest clue is really in the words “Stage” & “Therapy”. Here is where they both differ…

Whether you have actually attended a Stage Hypnosis show in person, or if you’ve perhaps seen one on TV, or even heard about it from others, the entire premise of Stage Hypnosis is solely based on being “Entertainment”. Those who buy tickets to these events, are entering a contract to fully expect a great night out with their family & friends… laugh at the crazy & sometimes thoroughly embarrassing antics some audience participants get manipulated into by the stage hypnotist… if one of their family or friends get called onto the stage & ends up acting like they’re a chicken who is a black belt in Kung-Fu, or eating a raw onion in the misguided belief that it’s an apple… you can perhaps film them on your phone acting like a clown on stage & replay those hilarious moments (usually at the poor victim’s expense) down the pub for a good laugh.

It’s perfectly understandable that after seeing or hearing about some of the mortifying situations people get into when attending a Stage Hypnosis event, that it would make you terrified to even get involved in anything to do with hypnosis at all, for fear of completely losing control, or being left with an uncontrollable compulsion to meow like a Rock Star Kitten at the mere mention of a specific trigger word.

However, if you flip over to the other side of the coin and think about it logically… If hypnosis can effectively make you do things you don’t want to do… imagine how empowering it can be to make you do things you actually do want to do?

The fundamental ethics & morals of a Hypno “Therapist”, is never to humiliate their clients in any way, but to find out the exact thing(s) which their client needs to resolve in order to improve their life in the ways they desire to flourish. When that information becomes clear, the Hypnotherapist then guides the client into a trance (similar to the bus journey & bonfire previously mentioned above) before taking them far deeper into hypnosis in order to pinpoint any subconscious blockages preventing the client from obtaining their desires… removing those blockages… installing new stronger belief systems into the clients mind in accordance with what they find both comfortable & achievable.

Despite how Stage Hypnosis may seem, anyone who is under hypnosis is always in complete control of their thoughts, feelings & actions. If a fire alarm suddenly started wailing because the building had caught fire, there is no way you won’t instantly come out of trance and sprint for the nearest fire exit! Hypnosis is really just purposefully setting your conscious mind aside to purely focus on your unconscious mind for a while. If you think about a time when your computer crashed or there was an error which you couldn’t resolve using your “Desktop Operating System” (conscious mind) you usually have to open the computer into “Safe Mode” (subconscious mind), in order to locate & resolve the issues, before locking those changes in place & rebooting the computer (upgrading, healing & improving yourself).

As the human condition is vulnerable to an infinite amount of things which can cause imbalance of your emotional, physical & spiritual realm, hypnotherapy has been proven to not only heal many associated thoughts, feelings & unhealthy life patterns, but assist people to thrive past the limits of their imagination.

If you have come to the realisation that now is the perfect time to finally take your life back & you’re curious as to how hypnotherapy can help specific areas of your life to further achieve the changes you want to live, feel free to get in touch.

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